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C and K red icon logo of Colleen Kelly MFT PHD
Meet Colleen.

COLLEEN KELLY, MFT has worked in partnership with clinicians, treatment centers, educators, social justice advocates, and digital companies for many years now.

With decades of vast professional and lived experience, Colleen Kelly has walked hand in hand and come face to face with nearly the full spectrum of human experience. This has endowed her with empathy and the tools necessary to overcome blocks and challenges in our way.

Her mission? In short, to do her part to end human suffering. That process begins with the individuals and families that she works with.

“May all sentient beings be free.”

Colleen has an edgy, bold style that seeks to accomplish necessary and lasting change. She uses creativity and humor to forge new paths in the world of mental health and executive coaching. Innovation is essential to transformation– progress cannot happen without it.

As a self-described intersectional feminist and abolitionist, Colleen sees both the power and potential for true change. The kind of change that tears down outdated structures (including mental and emotional) and rebuilds better versions in their place.

Colleen currently resides in Paris, France. Her husband, John Kelly, is a painter. As a student of the world, she travels frequently within Europe and beyond.

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