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Colleen works with business leaders, agencies, and organizations to identify strategies for growth, scale, and success.

Colleen Kelly understands how to execute a vision.

As a connector, Colleen knows how to bring people together to transform great ideas into tangible reality. As a coach, Colleen brings clarity to strategy and action to planning.

She will help you discover new trajectories and reveal possibilities of scale yet to be imagined.


Over the course of her dynamic career, Colleen has become renowned as an international speaker, published author, and clinical outreach consultant. She has created a global network of clients, collaborators, and thought-leaders that are redefining the potential that the future holds.

Colleen has developed a global network of connections within the tech world. This, coupled with her own experience in the startup world (she is the Director of International Marketing and Technology Development for StartAgain Associates in collaboration with Haptech, the maker of an advanced tech EMDR shoe), provide her with an acute understanding of the demands that come with launching a successful business.


As a coach, Colleen’s style is direct, action-oriented, and honest. That is not to say that she isn’t fun to work with– humor is an important aspect of her personal style. You can do the hard work, make transformational change, and achieve your goals while enjoying the journey!


Colleen has traveled the world as a speaker and has held leadership positions in several treatment centers and professional organizations in the mental health and substance abuse industries. She works with corporate clients to facilitate team building, strategic planning, crisis intervention, and role training workshops.


Colleen is currently based in Paris, France, with offices in London, Dundalk, Ireland, and Santa Monica, California. With the utmost regard for the needs of her clients, she is able to meet with you virtually from anywhere in the world.


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Coaching Services

Informed by her extensive background and training as a therapist, she incorporates her years of experience utilizing modalities such as EMDR to help clients break through barriers. She also uses her knowledge of attachment science to provide a framework for clients to understand certain blocks and behavior patterns.

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Great ideas only go so far. Colleen can help you strategize, plan, and execute the launch of a business or product and design the trajectories of growth and scale.

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Whether you have a vital role within your organization or if you are the public face of it, maintaining your focus and clarity of vision is crucial to shared success.

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Colleen has extensive experience working with companies, groups, and agencies around the world as they progress into new phases of growth and impact.

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